Ethereum burns $2.5B worth

In a recent video, Guy Turner, the host of Coin Bureau, has captivated the attention of Coin Bureau’s 2.28 million subscribers by unveiling two key catalysts that could potentially ignite a powerful bullish run for Ethereum (ETH). These upcoming milestones hold the promise of driving ETH’s price to new heights. 

Proto-dank sharding upgrade 

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The first milestone highlighted by Turner is the eagerly anticipated proto-dank sharding upgrade, officially known as EIP-4844. This groundbreaking upgrade seeks to address Ethereum’s long-standing scalability challenge, allowing the network to achieve a level of scalability comparable to centralized computer systems.

By tackling Ethereum’s primary bottleneck—data availability—proto-dank sharding introduces special blobs of data that enhance transaction data accessibility. This boost in scalability is expected to result in lower fees, faster transaction speeds on layer-2 solutions, and an overall improvement in Ethereum’s performance. 

“The biggest upcoming milestone for Ethereum is the EIP-4844 upgrade” 

Enhancing Privacy, Post ETH Staking?

Turner then turns the spotlight to Ethereum’s renewed focus on privacy, marking it as the second significant milestone. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has openly acknowledged privacy as one of the Ethereum ecosystem’s major challenges. To tackle this issue, Ethereum developers have been diligently exploring solutions, such as the implementation of stealth addresses.

The recent attention to privacy has been further intensified by the Shappella upgrade, which has sparked increased interest from institutional investors. Recognizing the growing demand for privacy from these investors, Ethereum aims to deliver enhanced privacy features that align with their requirements.

With these two powerful catalysts on the horizon, Ethereum’s potential for a remarkable price surge is gaining momentum. As Ethereum continues to address critical challenges and push the boundaries of innovation, investors and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the impact these developments will have on the cryptocurrency’s value.

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